Mama J

Mama J – the sensational artist

(Business Card Design, Illustration, Branding)

Who they are and what they do

Business card design for the manager of amazing singer Mama J. Mama J is a goddess. She is bright, colorful, and energetic. She is a spiritual being. (but she is not an ultra-spiritual person or a hipster) She is mothering and nurturing but commands thunder and lightning when she needs to. She is free. She is the earth. She is a survivor. She has overcome a lifetime of trauma and stands triumphantly on the other end as the highest version of herself. She stands in the light and in her truth. She is radiant. She has the ability to take people to magical world with her voice and spirit.

I can help

I’m currently available for freelance work. If you have a project that you want to get started or think you need my help with something, then get in touch.