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Published October 7, 2019

What’s good boys? Got a big surprise for ya’ll. Today just got my hands on a 100% off discount coupon code for the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass. It was streamed on Twitch and Im sure it wont take forever so claim your Mario Kart gold pass asap before it stops working. Guys, this is NOT a mario kart tour cheat or hack. I have already enabled the mario gold pass for free on 2 of my accounts and figured I’d post it on youtube for my subscribers as well cause, you know me,

I love to SHARE everything with you guys. If you didn’t know the Mario Kart Tour gold pass will unlock 200cc racing most importantly + other smaller perks and benefits you earn from winning in the Mario races. Of course you will also get more mario kart tour gold pass rewards like mario kart free rubies and coins, gliders, cars, etc. So what you need to do is pretty straight forward, you gotta go to that gaming website and use the code Im showing in the video and that its also pinned in the comments below. It will give you free access to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass so all you’ll have to do after that is reboot your game or your phone and you will be able to unlock the Mario Kart Tour gold pass for free at $0.00. Again, this is not a Mario Kart Tour HACK but a legit method to redeem a coupon code so it might go away soon, make sure you grab your gold pass asap before it happens. I did the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass from both my ios and android phones and it works the same. So what are you waiting for? Claim the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass before the coupon code stops working which can be any hour!!! If you enjoyed this video be sure to like, comment and subscribe to my channel. Peace Mario geeks!